About us


 My name is Simona and my passion in life is to create natural skin-care products for health-conscious people who care about what they put on their bodies.

 Healthy living has always been a big part of my life. I was captivated as a child by the smells and colours of fresh, local produce when I went shopping with my grandmother. And like most Italian families, my mother believed that wholesome, healthy food was the key to a healthy life.

 That’s the foundation I took with me when I moved to Ireland in my 20s. After struggling financially as a single mother for a few years and unable to find my own direction, I discovered my True North by coincidence. A friend asked me to take over her skin-care market stall and I’ve never looked back since. I make a living doing something that really matters to me – helping people live a more holistic and healthier life by using natural skin products.

 Like most small enterprises that turn a hobby into a pursuit, getting The Soap Room off the ground and keeping it going wasn’t without a few challenges. Despite a few steep learning curves, it’s always been a labour of love for me to make simple, natural soaps, creams and cleansers that guarantee my customers pure and safe skin-products.

 And similar to most trade, the success of The Soap Room is also due to the work done behind the scenes. My son Liam has grown up with the craft and tells me it’s ‘in his blood’ at this stage. Besides helping every week at our stall in the market, he inspires me to walk-the-walk of living a holistic life at home and in the business.

 My business and life partner, Manuel, is the creative genius behind all the visuals and the technical brain that runs our online operations. He grew up surrounded by the creative activity of his graphic designer father, who (coincidentally) also worked for a skin-care company in Madrid!

I’m totally committed to my work and can easily get lost in the world of beautiful creams and soaps. I can also lose track of time in the kitchen, preparing vegetarian food for my family. Our adopted canine children, Jasmine and Mambo, are my daily work-life-balance mentors. They get me outdoors to enjoy brisk walks along the lanes of Co Galway and help me see the beauty of our natural world.